Service Delivery is a full service contractor that will assist it's customers in providing a reliable and economical means to pick up, receive, warehouse, and deliver items for our customers and their clients. AS an example; If you have a client that is receiving several items from different vendors you can have these items delivered to our warehouse where they will be received, inspected, photographed, stored, and delivered to your client when the entire purchase is complete.


The button on the left "SERVICE DELIVERY LOGIN" is for the Service Delivery staff to access the various functions that create customer accounts, enter incoming stock items, and print the reports needed to run the business. The button on the right "CUSTOMER LOGIN" is where our registered customer can log into there customer account, create their client accounts, and monitor their clients orders as they are received at our warehouse.


First, you must establish a customer account with Service Delivery Inc. At that time you will be given a unique Username and Password that will give you access to your account with Service Delivery. After that you will be able to add/edit/delete your clients to you account in the Service Delivery database.
Once established, you can have all your orders from various vender delivered right to our warehouse. When the goods arrive they will be inspected, photographed, assigned a storage area, and be entered into our customer database. At that time you will automatically be sent an email advising you on all the details related to the delivery along with a photograph of the item. If we do not know which of your clients the item is for it will be added to your "holding account" and you may then transfer it to the correct client.
Once you clients order is complete you advise us as to the date, time, and address of the delivery and we will deliver the goods.